Begin With the Obvious: Think About Writing

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Close your eyes and imagine yourself typing away, the words pouring from the cauldron of your beautiful thoughts and experiences. Smile while you’re at it and taste the compliments in your mind’s ear.

Then, when you open your eyes: consider all the things you could write about. But do it…


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Impasse — Mid 19th century: from French, from im- (expressing negation) + the stem of passer ‘to pass.’

Between 2007 and 2008, I wrote a lot of entrance exams into medical school. I had finished high school. I was 17. For a short while, I moved to the nation’s capital…

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Reading Books Won’t Make You Smarter. Application of the Information Will.

It’s often clear to me when I go back to a book a few weeks or years later and have no idea what the book was about. A private reminder that I’m not as smart as I think I am.

Or that I need to improve my retention lest I…

Photo by author: “This cup is empty, and that’s good”.

It’s easy to forget the awesomeness of being able to turn on your camera on your phone or computer and have people watch and react in real-time. We already take the power of computers for granted.

A YouTube search would give you far more useful information than what I’m about…

A Poem

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Meek, not weak.
Might take a week, or two.
A couple of failures too.

But it’s all cool. That’s how we do it — here.
We’re warriors. In and out. Here and there.
Doesn’t matter where, we’ll stand up and fight.

For what? Everything, nothing.
Interesting things, and the boring.
We’ll breathe…


A thought popped. A friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while. I couldn’t even remember the last time we talked.

She’d left a voice message. I had replied. I had to look again to make sure when the thought popped. I messaged her again.

One tick. Then two. …

A Poem

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Burn, like a dying sun.
The sum of power and life.
Nowhere to run.
Nothing but time.

Leave the shattered glass,
Right where the wounds collapse.
This breath won’t last.
The memories, of course, elapse.

It’s an eclipse.
Black holes and dying light.
Nothing left, not even lips. …

How Can You Even Talk About “Love” When You Failed at it?

The morning after a divorce is not what you think. You expect acceptance to wash over you—a newfound sense of reality. You might expect to be grounded in your solitude and have a plan to move forward with your life — alone.

But anyone who has been through a divorce…

“It’s not because you’re getting a divorce that the articles you wrote or the things you said aren’t relevant anymore. They were true at the time. Someone at that point would need those. It doesn’t mean what you say now is a lie.”

We were both walking through the quiet…

Thank you so much for the perspective, Mafor.

Your take reminds me a lot of something that Naval Ravikant once said about how two unrelated statements can seem related simply due to the illusion of closeness.

If A leads to B, and B leads to C, does this mean A…

Kamga Tchassa

Cameroonian writer and video creator. Featured in LEVEL and P.S. I Love You. I write about building relationships and personal transformation.

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