Ah. I feel you brother. There was a time I had to leave the internet (all of it) for a month because I had a hard time keeping up with my goals and my expectations. That was January this year.

A lot has happened both on and offline. I’ve had the chance to gain much self-awareness. Let me not even get you started with how my marriage is showing me what kind of life I want and the person I want to be.

Like you’ve mentioned, I believe in remembering why we do this all.

I dont write as much as I used to on Medium. And although the money wave rises and crashes, I remember to make sure it doesn’t bother me even though I need the money.

What I’m learning now to do is really do what I can. Simply.

Like you, I want to change the world by starting with me, my world. That should be enough.

I want to end by wishing you courage on this journey. It’s not easy when everyone seems to be on some speedboat of some sort. One thing I try to keep in mind is that I don’t know what their dealing with, what’s driving them, and what demons they have to fend off.

There’s room for everyone to play. Keep going!

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