As a creative, this is a conversation I learned I’d have to deal with early on. I never used any of the college degrees I got in Cameroon. Not really. I may have applied the knowledge, but I found myself organizing events, writing copy, hosting events, networking and doing all these things that had nothing to do with class.

Even now, I have a part-time position as a social media and communications guy, but a lot of what I do comes from my personal experience with my own content.

People always wonder why I love reading so much ( true, it’s a by-product of the adults who couldn’t give me favorable answers but), I have learned more by asking questions and finding a book or content on a subject to realize how important it is to always be learning.

There’s never a thing as wasted knowledge or experience.

I’m still young. But I spent 7 years in college from one degree to another because I had no idea what to do with my life. Today, I discuss with healthcare professionals and they wonder why I’m not in Med School.

I can thank 4 years of ‘failed’ Medical Laboratory Science education.

I could go into Medical translation if everything else failed because I speak English and French. I could learn Spanish and increase my scope.

I hope you and your partner were able to find some stability following the events of 2015. I can only imagine what moving to a new place feels like. It’s been almost a year and we already plan to move in June.

Then after that, we move again.

The life.

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