How To Harness A Moment Of Weakness

Scared, Uninspired, Unmotivated or Disappointed in Your Discipline to Create

Have you struggled to stay consistent in life?

Have you found yourself losing track of time, procrastinating on taking action while comparing yourself to people you know deep down have done the work?

Welcome to our meeting. Have a seat.

Let me share with you what happened only a few minutes ago.

First, we must acknowledge that you and I know what we have to do.

When we’re stuck in YouTube rabbit holes, or reading book after book, or yet another “get motivated and achieve your 10 X dreams” webinar, it’s because we don’t want to sit with the discomfort of doing.

I could sum everything I have to say with just that.

Do. Do the work. Become a Pro.

That’s really all there is to it.

I set up my camera gear. Fixed my settings. Jotted my notes. Put out the clothes I was going to wear and then — the mistake — sat down to research the topic.

It started like a little whisper. Will anyone watch this?

Then it grew.

The keyword search isn’t enough. Check the trending page. Change your angle. No, copy this instead. Try that other delivery technique.

This has happened many times this week. Even as I write this, I can hear the voice telling me that the above sentence, the opening paragraph — everything on this page is not good enough and I need to wipe it all and rewrite.

But if you’re reading this, then you have to understand this truth about the process of doing:

Everything starts with one step. There are no shortcuts. There are no assurances. No one cares. If you don’t achieve your life’s mission — whatever that is — you lose more than anyone. Work harder.

I couldn’t shoot the video. I had just finished my job. I was excited for the video.

My research (insert YouTube binge) created an echo chamber for the voice to bounce enough for time to catch-up with me.

Now it’s really too late to make a video and I’m very much tired to deliver even at my lowest possible level.

So, what’s to harness here, you ask? I didn’t make my video. Now, I’m writing about a lesson?

What lesson?

Open a new tab. Search the last time I wrote here. Check the date. Check today’s date.

The way to harness a moment of weakness is to make sure you do something that moves your goals forward.

Even if you don’t do the major thing. Even if you don’t shoot the video. Even if you don’t have the conversation and take the picture: take ONE major step.

If you can take action in a moment of weakness. If you can make a decision when your whole mind and body is screaming that you shouldn’t — you prove to yourself that you can take action.

You have evidence, beyond doubt, that you still have what it takes.

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Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

I haven’t written here in weeks because both the silent mind whispers and the human voices in my life screamed at my failure to grow with the times.

I was unable to write because I couldn’t take action — I couldn’t do.

I caught myself about to give up on the videos. I saw the loop that would end with me feeling even worse in the morning. I realized something else I had given up, something equally important. And I did it.

One step was all the win I needed today.

Because tomorrow I’ll remember I wrote even when my whole body wanted to sleep. Tomorrow I’ll start earlier. Tomorrow, no research.

The next day I can set a schedule. Learn from the mistakes I made today. After that, I can make a plan — prioritize.

All it takes, during a moment of weakness, is the decision to take action and to move before the body loses to the mind. The commitment to get check a box on the long list of equally valuable outcomes.

I may have lost at recording a video. But I most certainly didn’t lose at writing.

A luta continua; a vitória é certa

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Cameroonian writer and video creator. Featured in LEVEL and P.S. I Love You. I write about building relationships and personal transformation.

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