I just moved to Colorado three months ago. Guess where my wife and l live?

Aurora. *grins*

Her best friend took me to the mountains a few weeks ago and I got to see the glory of Colorado’s Aspen.

We also swung by Georgetown.

Everything is so new to me because before I got to the USA, I had never left my birth country — Cameroon.

We won’t be in Aurora by March next year. I really enjoy the mountains and the people here. I don’t have much to compare with, but I’m pleased with my American experience.

Who knows, we may meet each other in at a Library someday. *wink*

I enjoyed reading this. You have a beautiful way of putting the past and the future in perspective.

I am not yet a parent, but I can feel the pain of the evolution of your relationship. I have similar feelings with my parents since I left them in Cameroon.

I pray things to transition smoothly.

All the best!

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