It was a cold August evening.

While perusing my Medium feed , I fell across a wonderful piece. The author was speaking to anyone who was about to leave college and had no idea what to do with his/her life.
A lot of the things that were said in the article resonated with me. Either Jon, James or Gary had said those things. So, I was very much interested in the new and practical way this novel author expressed her thoughts.

As soon as I finish the article and go to my Facebook feed, an acquaintance sends me a message. “Hey,” she says. “It’s been a while. I just wanted to say hi”.

Unfortunately for me, although I am constantly offline, she could see that I had read her message. I could not comfortably pretend I didn’t see the message.

I tell her I’m fine. Doing my thaing. Reading and writing.

Before long, she lets me know that she’ll be graduating this December. And that she doesn’t know what to do.

Convenient, is it not?

I tell her to give me a moment. That I have just the right piece for her. Something that could give her the perspective she needs.

I rush to my 20 tab browser, copy the link and message her.

I’m pleased with myself. I project my thoughts into the future or how much value she would gain and how this one single piece and beautifully curated nuggets of wisdom would guide her through this delicate period of her life.

Her reply, you ask

Thank you. I will read it tomorrow.

So, no. I won’t help anyone with fish. I’ll teach you to fish. If you die hungry. I really, really don’t care.

Cameroonian writer and video creator. Featured in LEVEL and P.S. I Love You. I write about building relationships and personal transformation.

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