Kurated 0002 28th June 2016

I found this really cool online platform that should soon be able to let you self-publish that African novel of yours.

Interestingly , I call the CEO of this venture “homo communis” mostly because he writes a lot. While I try to rant about why tech startups should concede “startupness” ( I am preparing a post that would cover this topic and more) , my sister from another mother shared a post by our mutual mentor Jon. Essentially, he says if you can’t devote 5 years to a project, it’s not worth starting it in the first place. Which is why I am knee deep into Viva ( please like Viva’s Facebook Page) and Easy Codes. Download Easy Codes on Android I await your feedback!!!I found a new blogger friend after my post on being single. And, as usual Anna Kedi was very deep in her comments. I like that. Guess what? This thursday, Visiter l’Afrique will be celebrating its two year anniversary. AT THE COOLEST RESTAURANT EVER!!! I have been invited to eat THIS CHEF’S FOOD!! I think this is the most insightful blog post on music in Cameroon I have read so far. If I forgot to tell you about the Sicklecell workshop organised by Ma Arrey in Yaounde on the 17th Ma Arrey wrote a piece on Time.com as well. Peruse while awaiting the recap. And of course, my literary journalism read for today. Courtesy of Mac.

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