Oh, no…that sucks.

I pray she found a way out of this situation.

I come from a country where divorce is shunned, and patriarchy is palpable in the air. I’ve known women ( and men) who are in abusive relationships but choose to stay ‘because that’s the way things work around here’.

It’s hard. And often, it’s not even by choice. The culture, the media undertone, the environment, the society…it’s not ONE single person who builds an unsafe, scary environment for these people who are hurting, it’s EVERYONE.

I’m glad you enjoyed this piece Anne. I really appreciate your thoughtful comment. Your friend is lucky to have someone like you in her life.

I hope things work out okay.

On this end, I’ll keep writing and talking and sharing so that more people from my part of the world will value emotional health as much as it deserves.

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