Oh, Ruth…you got me so teary-eyed with this one. A few months ago, my wife had to put down her trusted companion — Jake. She’d saved him from a shelter, where he’d been put after many years of abuse from a previous caretaker. She nursed him back, fed him herself and the little (but old) spunky friend grew to be the only one near her during the dark times she eventually had to go through.

She often says she doesn’t know who saved who.

Reading this reminded me of the few weeks after I moved here when his health was getting worse. His breathing had changed; the light in his step no longer present.

We all knew it was time. She couldn’t believe it herself when she called for Jake to be put to eternal rest.

She was there all along and held him till the very end. It was heartbreaking.

He was 13 years old when he breathed his last.

We still talk about him and like all the friends and family we’ve lost, they all live on in our memories.

Thank you for sharing the memory of your trusted girl.

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