Preach! For a long time, I thought I was an intravert. I’ve recently found out the harsh truth: I am a typical introvert who happens to adapt, albeit badly, to his environment.

Especially because my wife is an extrovert and we’ve had to find middle ground for mutual happiness. I’ve been tracking my energies of late, figuring out that I am a morning person and that food helps me…until 3pm and I need to find my corner and sit for a bit.

Some days are great, I might even fool myself into thinking I don’t have an energy cycle. But most days, I need to be careful about who I spend my time with and even how much I talk.

I don’t think it’s better to be an introvert, but I agree with you — we must all know ourselves and who we are and why we live. Extroverts or introverts. It doesn’t matter what people think about us if we don’t know what we think about ourselves.

Thanks for writing this.
Your fellow introvert. :)

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