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Socks: A Brief Love Story

Or why you shouldn’t look at my toes for too long.

Recently, I started wearing socks to sleep. In the beginning, it was because of a lazy reason: I didn’t want to take my slippers ( flip-flops) off whenever I got into our home.

You see, in my country ( Cameroon), we take our home tiles very seriously. Especially whoever cleans the floor every morning. So, if you happen to go out “of the house” and encounter any form of dust or mud ( depending on whether it was the Dry or Rainy season) you’ll need to leave your shoes/slippers at the door before getting in.

Well, I knew I had to do that. I just didn’t like the cold.

I don’t have fancy toes. I have okay toes. The ones you’re allowed to look but not stare. But, I like them warm. This desire led me to purchase a disturbing amount of socks. I own at least 10 pairs. I wear them for everything. Except during my unfortunate daily bathing ritual.

They not only protect me from cold, dust, mud and jiggers, they also provided me, incidentally, with another super power: seamless sleep.

You see, I used to wake up at night because of my blanket. My home town ( Bafoussam) is pretty cold at night. Tossing around the bed to find the perfect spot to rest my cold mound of flesh usually ends up with a foot out of my precious blanket. Obvious result: I wake. And by the time I go back to sleep…

My mother: Kaaamgaaaaa! Wake up! Why are you still in bed?!

(Did I mention that I usually sleep around 3 a.m.?}

Anyway, I found out that sleeping with socks allowed me to go through all night without waking up. I was a natural discovery. Before I read this article about habits for better sleep. My hypothesis became a theory!

Eureka! ( Definitely not in a bathtub this time)

So, my love story with socks began. I like the cozy feeling. And the sweet, relaxing strain of taking them off after a run or before my (unfortunate) bath. I like how I sleep better with them.

But do you know what I love about socks? The look on anyone’s face when they catch me caressing my toes — in pink socks.

I love how one eyebrow raises slowly to catch the other. My grin? Priceless.

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Cameroonian writer and video creator. Featured in LEVEL and P.S. I Love You. I write about building relationships and personal transformation.

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