Stories You’ll Never Know

Light touch. Her smile — I wish.
Soft voice. Her thoughts — I wonder.
A faint skin rub, a soft touch.

Linger. Longer. Lead.

Adequate, her features.
Neither harsh nor feeble.
Adequate her tone.
Neither commanding nor demanding.

She waltzes her way into my dreams.
Yet, errs at the rim.

Linger. Longer. Lead.

Her thoughts? I’d pay to own.
Her hand? I’d kill to touch.
Soft firm heaven.
A piece of blessed flesh.

How does she look when the lights are out?
What does she whisper when her voice is low?
What do her hands say?
What does her body scream?

Who does she want to be?
Who does she want to be with?
Who can’t she be without?

The thoughts. Questions. Puzzles.
Dreaded answers and ghostly futures.
Answers only she knows.
Yet…my mind…

Linger. Longer. Lead.

Her face lingers in my lids.
Her touch feels longer when alone.
Her voice leads my heart.

Linger. Longer. Lead.

Stories you’ll never know.
Stories I never tell.
Stories you shouldn’t know.

In the caves of my heart, stalagmites of longing grow.
Loneliness creeps: ever close, ever screaming at the rim of belonging.

The lone wolf sits on the throne.
Howls with pride.
Howls with honor for battles won, treasures painfully lost.
Howls with pride?

Or do kings cry?


Written by

Cameroonian writer and video creator. Featured in LEVEL and P.S. I Love You. I write about building relationships and personal transformation.

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