Thanks for the response Bill! I’m sorry it’s taken this long to respond.

You see, even in Cameroon, when I moved to the University, I ran into a totally new environment. It was, however, my norm because that’s how I got to primary (middle) school and college ( high-school). I was always alone when I got into a new environment.

What I wish I had in those moments ( and before I got here) was someone to breakdown concepts I was sure to meet and be as honest as possible with their own experiences.

It is true that one has to experience these things, but there’s a great difference when you were told by someone else about them.

I mean…that’s the point of education and more specifically — history, isn’t it?

Most of the people who returned from abroad weren’t fully honest. Whether by omission or inflation, there are things I would have loved they’d talked about.

That’s my main reason for writing about my experience, so that someone else would have the idea before they meet the fact.

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