The comment you left on my article triggered another article.

I always love to get the context of the person I’m having a conversation with and reading this allowed your comment to land really well.

Thank you.

Your argument in this piece was worth every minute spent on it — and you would be surprised by how much we agree.

The angle I’m leaning heavily on ( for my new article) is the damaging effects of the hive construct many Cameroonians ( and other Africans) drift towards in a way that impedes not just their immediate progress, but the prospects of their children — if they choose to stay/have them.

You mentioned how only a certain type of “Blackness” is expected even by the Black.

“We want every one of African descent to claim Black but that’s not how it works. It doesn’t end there, we also want them to be Black just like us in mannerisms, experiences, expression and culture. We want them to be our type of Black”.

I think there’s much to unpack. I feel you might even have held back and I hope you express your perspective more. If not here on Medium, then maybe on a blog? Or a book?

I want to get done with the article before responding to your comment.

Super stoked to live in an age where worlds can meet across a screen.

Looking forward to our conversations.

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