This is hard. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to feel this way.

I don’t have a story or anecdote to help. I’m sure you don’t need a pity party either.

But if you ever need to talk or vent or anything like that, if there’s a way I can help, please, I’m here.

Saying ‘you’re not alone: is as though I’m trying to undermine how you feel.

I’m not. Your pain is real.

It sucks.

I can only pray that you find a way to get through, or get help, or feel better.

You deserve better.

Living is hard. Living like this, with real issues like depression, is harder.

Where I come from, there’s a new awakening of the conversation around mental health.

Yet, the vocabulary is misunderstood and the stigma is strong.

I’ve had to deal with mine and I look forward everyday to the day I get to talk to a professional.

I try to focus on the things that make me happy. I often make lists. I often write about my thoughts and dreams and fears.

I use writing as a way to channel the voice that makes me feel terrible about existing.

It doesn’t work often. But when it does, I try to save some of that energy for when the dark hits.

Emily, it’s okay to feel the way you do. You don’t have to stay that way.

Every small step you take leads you into a direction you can pick.

You deserve better.

Sometimes, the way I try to feel better is by doing something for someone else.

Maybe start there.

Start with someone around you who may be going through a terrible day.

It could be as simple as someone who looks like they’re worried.

I don’t know if this helps.

I just want you to know that someone, somewhere thinks about you at this moment and hopes that you get better.

You deserve better.

Cameroonian writer and video creator. Featured in LEVEL and P.S. I Love You. I write about building relationships and personal transformation.

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