This is very insightful.

If everyone who wanted to start a company thought about the fact that they wanted to build a company and not a startup, lessons like the ones you share here would go a long way to prevent stupid wastes of energy, money and (especially) time.

I think you should vlog this. A 5 minute summary of your posts. They take really long to read ( and digest, p.s I have been reading this in starts and stops for two days), but they are totally worth the time.

So, if you choose to make a video, great! If not, I will still be reading. In starts and stops.

Thank you so much for being generous with these inside stories. I’m currently applying them on my own business ideas.

P.S: What book would you recommend to getting a head start at understanding (and applying) what a business model is? I know the business world requires constant learning. But I am sure you have a book you think gives a good overall idea every business builder needs to know.

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