Well Helen, since this is the internet, I’ll invite myself to this comment party and share think or two.

(See what I did there? Tom, this deserves the highest of fives)

I understand what you mean by this. I’m currently looking at my old posts to find fodder for new ideas and I cringe at some of the things I used to write back in 2012.

It almost sounds like I was a different person. The sentences are off. The paragraphs are huge blocks of texts. Let me not get you started on my spellings and ‘voice’.

But do you know what facinates me the most when I think of all this? What gets me smiling?

That dude, the one with the typos and incomplete clauses? He used to be me.

‘Used to’.

I don’t think you should feel embarrassed at all. The fact that you can see how to improve what you’ve written shows how much you’ve evolved.

Anyone who isn’t embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn’t learning enough.’ — Alain de Botton‘

It shows that you’re not at the same level of consciousness as you were when you’d written the piece.

If anything, you should be grateful.

I am grateful when I spot past errors.

It doesn’t make the feeling any better though. But at least, I get to take something valuable out of it all.

Still embarrassed at your awesome evolution?

I didn’t think so. *wink*

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