“Whatever you do, though, don’t let an angry teenager be in charge”-Seth Godin

Maybe our bodies do. But in our minds, all the stages of growth stay put. This is what I think: we chose which ones to show, when and to whom. Think of how soft, sweet and almost ‘childish’ lovers get. Bliss. You hang around your lover all day ,every day. No worries. Or, when you’re with your mom. And you want something. Very badly. I almost unconsciously talk like a baby. I access this ‘lower power’ I know she will react to. Positively.

Those of us who ‘act older’ seem to have mastered this art and tap from observations and/or experience. They are accustomed to responsibility and handle pressures differently. They are our natural leaders. We look up to them. Even when we’re the same age, we know they can take better decisions. They are adults in younger bodies.

Because we all start as children and arguably have access to all these different ‘levels’, some choose the rebellious joy of the teenage years. When we were ‘always right’ and our ‘parents never got us’, ‘never understood us’ and the world was wrong. Some of us are stuck in this stage.

I am. That is why I sometimes pick fights. Not physical fights. No thank you. I am too scrawny to endanger my beautiful body. I mean arguments. The heated pointless arguments like:

Football might be the most popular sport on earth but it is only the most popular because many people love it, not because it is actually popular.

Like I said, pointless.

No matter what you do, never leave an angry teenager in charge. We only want to fight and whine. Everyone is wrong. Everyone hates us. We won’t explain our thoughts rationally and we won’t listen to you. So, please, don’t even bother.

But don’t worry, we intend to grow up.

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