Why You’ll Get More Support from Strangers and People Who Don’t Know You When You Go After Your Dreams

This is What You Must Understand To Keep Going

Kamga Tchassa
4 min readApr 12, 2022


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“What if you don’t get admitted?”, he said.

I will never forget how surprised my father was with my confidence on my third attempt at college.

“I will”, was my response. In the most matter-of-factly tone.

I wasn’t even trying to be cheeky. I just knew I’d get into the department of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2011 even though I had started college 4 years prior, and failed in Biochemistry and Medical Laboratory Science.

This period remains a keystone moment for me as it was the first time I had a glimpse of what was possible when you quiet the voice of doubt and simply do the thing your heart calls.

I wanted to study something I wanted. Something that I found interesting. Journalism was the answer. I went after it. I got in.

Then I thought I had figured out the meaning of life. lol.

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There’s a price to pay for our dreams. When you choose a life path, you need to become worthy of the path. Like the hero who is trying to get a mentor to help them learn the skills needed, we have to become the kind of person who is worth another’s investment in time, energy, and effort.

We must deserve the support of the people who aid us.

“Everyone wants the keys to your self-esteem so they can lock you up in your own jail”

— James Altucher, “Choose Yourself”

The only person who thought it was a good idea for me to study journalism was my buddy Hamlet who provided me with the admission requirements. My parents thought I was going mad. My siblings were too sad to say anything. I had just broken up with the person I was dating at the time, so perfect time to get…well…quiet time.

Hamlet and I were not very close at the time. We were what Dr. Meg Jay, in her book The Defining Decade, calls “weak ties”: friends of friends of friends. People you know, but don’t know that…



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