without you…

Photo by Marcus Lewis on Unsplash

I feel you.
Crawling on the side of my mouth
like the slow hollow chill, whipped of ice-cream.

I hear you.
Trickling droplets from the sands of time,
footprints corroded by the search.

I understand you.
Things unsaid — hurts unraveling as hands turn to puzzle pieces fitting through the gashes the others left.

I love you.
Broken and free,
coarse and used,
callous and crude, left for dead.

I’m here for you.
As short as eternity can continue to be,
while this vessel caves into memories:
of yous and uses, true and unseen.

I’ll die for you.
No death is truer than your loss.
No heart heavy enough to mourn.
No liquid diamonds could console.

I’ll live for you.
Mine is only ours because you are.
Ours is more than you and me.
Life is colored because you taint with your regal black.

Now and now.
Until time stops.
Until entropy reverses.
Until the big star dies.
Until our insignificance is cured.

Without you, I’m nothing.

Written by

Cameroonian writer and video creator. Featured in LEVEL and P.S. I Love You. I write about building relationships and personal transformation.

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