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You Won't Find Love

She finds you.


I remember how it felt like when I was dating without a purpose: figuring out the kind of love I was looking for. It now dawns on me that the whole time, I was going after something I’d never find.

My goal was to find love. Now…I think I know a little better.

I don’t think love can be considered a goal. Having a healthy relationship is a goal. Being a better partner, another.

In movies or books about treasure, there’s usually a map, a compass — some device with clues which guide our protagonist.

A goal is a treasure to be found/accomplished. Others may have done it, and there is some map that guarantees the likelihood of success.

I don’t think ‘love’ is that way. I don’t think it’s possible to search for it.

Especially in another human.

“But if you think true love looks like Romeo and Juliet, you’ll overlook a great relationship that grows slowly”- Derek Sivers

I notice that in the search for a romantic partner, we tend to become optimized versions of ourselves. We imagine the properties that ‘the love of our life’ would want, and we find ways to embody those — or lie about them.

Loves cooking. Works out. Reads books. Loves children. Caring. Loving. Feminist. Dwayne Johnson with Newt Scamander’s heart.

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During courtship, we come across someone who is genuinely attracted to us because of the temporary charisma we give off. This person falls for a temporal facade we created and, using this information, starts building a character checklist.

How long can this mirage last?

How long do I keep groping at the ephemeral traits built out of the need to impress a potential mate?

I hope I am wrong to believe that we all need to get our hearts broken to understand what love is and how it is sustained.

I hope finding a true life partner doesn’t have to be…



Kamga Tchassa

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