You never hear of talker’s block. Why do we talk of writer’s block?- Seth Godin

Seth Godin is one of my favourite bloggers. He says:

You never hear of ‘talker’s block’. Why do we talk of ‘writer’s block’? Just write what you’d say.

It sounds like a logical argument doesn’t it? Sometimes, however, the reason why any writer faces ‘block’ is because of the quasi-constant comparison we perform almost unconsciously.

Because ( as a writer) you read a lot, you compare your writing with the best and EXPECT your writing to be that good- after MONTHS of writing. Welcome to the club.
Say, for example, you( I really mean ‘I’) just read The Alchemist. The beautiful story. The awesome plot. The brilliant lessons.The next time you’re on a computer all those positive nuggets come to haunt you. Maybe not you, but they haunt me.

I’m like: “ Oh shit. I’m never going to write like Coehlo. What do I do? Did I choose the right path? All my enemies( I don’t know why I always think I have enemies) all my enemies will now mock me. I’m doomed”.

This , my dear friend, is my definition of writer’s block: when as an avid reader you realise you need to work hard to write better.Simply.

Writer’s block reminds me I need to check out my dictionary.
But more importantly, that I need to write.

Happy Tuesday dear friend.

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