You write what a part of me would have loved to read before my streak of unfortunate relationships. It’s beautiful how aware you are of these ‘issues’ and I suppose it’s taken books, experience, and life to get here.

Which is why I am excited for the years ahead.

I have met various forms of this in my own life, and I have been the avoidant.

Even now as a married man, I am learning to make space for ‘we’ where it used to be ‘me’. I thought the inversion would be easy.

Only for me get into the deep end, and find out that both our closets can’t keep our skeletons in anymore and we need to sort these bones out.

I am happy whenever I come across pieces that make me feel more connected with the writer and appreciate the growing sense of self-awareness.

I am proud of you Fatou and I look forward to your ever twinkling glow.

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